Flash Floods in Dharamshala.

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News: Heavy rains caused flash floods in Himachal Pradesh’s Dharamshala. This resulted in the sweeping away of buildings, cars, and also the closure of the airport. Moreover, due to heavy rains, a drain near Bhagsu Nag in upper Dharamsala adjoining Mecleodganj changed its course causing heavy damage. Read News here

About flash floods:

  1. What are flash Floods?

Floods usually are of 2 kinds Flash Floods and River Floods, other types are Coastal floods, Urban Floods, and Pluvial Floods. Flash Floods are those floods that are caused in the region due to sudden and heavy rainfall or spilling of water.

2. How are they caused? Watch Video Here

If we understand in simple terms, imagine a steep area like a mountain that has some hollow surface that can hold a substantial amount of water, just like a lake on a hilltop. Now if rainfall occurs, first the hollow surface will get filled and form a lake, later when the water from this newly formed lake starts coming out, due to erosion of its bank there will start a downpour from the lake. Initially, the speed will be less and the scenery would look like that of a beautiful waterfall. But later when the banks heavily erode themselves, the water from the lake will aggressively come out of the pit causing heavy floods called flash floods. It’s usually observed that Flash floods occur when suddenly heavy rain/ cloud bursting takes place. Just like India witnessed flash floods in Kedarnath in 2013. Moreover, similar instances take place near dam areas. If Dams hold water above their capacity, it’s very much possible that their threshold is broken and dams break, thus causing flash floods in the low-lying areas.



Image: https://weather.com/en-IN/india/news/news/2021-07-12-dharamshala-himachal-pradesh-flash-floods-very-heavy-rains-imd

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