Flex Fuel Vehicles

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  • The Government may issue guidelines for Flex Fuel Vehicles (FFV) soon.
  • Flex Fuel Vehicles or “dual-fuel vehicle” is a modified version of vehicles which comprises of the internal combustion engine which could run both on gas and blended petrol with either ethanol or methanol fuel.
  • It is a modified version which could run both on gas and petrol with different levels of ethanol blends. These are currently being used successfully in Brazil, people can switch fuel (gas and ethanol) depending on price and convenience, just like how people in india do with CNG and petrol.
  •  [Ethanol blends – E12 fuel is a blend of 12% ethanol in gasoline, while E 15 fuel is a blend of 15% ethanol in gasoline.]
  • Both the fuels are stored in same tank. And in accordance with the actual blend detected by the fuel composition sensor, the fuel injection and spark timing are automatically adjusted.
  • FFV is not exactly same as the bi-fuel vehicles. In the bi-fuel vehicle, two fuels are stored in the separate tanks and engine runs on one fuel at a time.(eg CNG and Petrol cars in India)

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