India-Italy Joint Commission for Economic Cooperation.

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News: The 21st session of the India-Italy Joint Commission for Economic Cooperation was held virtually. it was co-chaired by the Union Minister for Commerce and Industry, Piyush Goyal, and Italy’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Mr. Luigi Di Maio. Read News Here

Key Points:

  1. It was the 21st session.
  2. Detailed and extensive discussion on bilateral ties, investment, trade and economic cooperation took place.
  3. Talks on improvement and cooperation in the fields of textiles, startups, railways transport, food processing, promotion of Small and Medium Enterprises etc all took place.
  4. In order to facilitate trade and investment, talks on issues related to non tariff barries and bilateral market access were also held.
  5. Moreover, both the sides reviewed the outcomes of India-EU leaders Summit in Porto, Portugal.
  6. Other key issues raised were those related to a) Recognition of COWIN vaccine certificate, b) lifitng up of the travel restrictions, c) portability of social security benefits for working Indian’s in Italy and d) higher duration of business visas.

Questions in UPSC mains can be asked on

  1. Discuss India’s relation with European Union / European Nations.
  2. India and G7. Should India side with USA and other European Nations In its counter against China?

Questions on Map can also be asked.

Questions like.

1.What all water bodies surround Italy.

2. water body which separates Asia from Europe.

3. Questions On the Suez canal etc can also be asked.



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