India’s first green Hydrogen Mobility project.

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News: NTPC’s full subsidiary NTPC REL (Renewable Energy limited) has signed a Memorandum Of Understanding with the UT of Ladakh for setting up the nation’s first Green Hydrogen Mobility project. This project, NTPC, and Ladakhi ministers say is in line with PM Modi’s vision of a carbon-neutral state. To start with NTPC will begin with 5 hydrogen-powered buses and later set up solar plants and hydrogen generation units by the end of the year in the Leh district. Read News Here

About Green Hydrogen Project:

Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the atmosphere, also it can be produced by electrolyzing and breaking the water molecules (h20) into hydrogen and oxygen.

This Green Hydrogen is fully sustainable, storable, and also deliverable. Sustainable meaning it does not emit harmful and polluting gases even during combustion or production. Storable meaning Hydrogen gas can be easily stored even in liquid form for easy access and transport. Deliverable meaning Hydrogen can be mixed with natural gas in little proportion around 20% and can be transported via the same gas pipeline. Moreover, it is also considered to be very versatile to the fact that green hydrogen can be used to generate electricity and make artificial gases that can eventually be used for commercial and domestic purposes. Read about flex fuels.

However, this green hydrogen comes with its own challenges. The disadvantages include more cost to generate electricity from it, the production requires higher consumption/ spending of energy compared to other gases, and there are also safety concerns since hydrogen itself is inflammable and very volatile, so additional care and safety measures are to be taken to prevent any leakages.

The impact of green hydrogen is such that many countries of the world are now moving towards cleaner hydrogen-based fuel. USA, China, France, Germany, etc are taking the necessary steps to make Hydrogen based fuel economy a reality which even Japan had joined. In fact, the European Commission in its roadmap till 2050 has confirmed that they will produce 85% of all of their total energy through green hydrogen.

India has a long road to travel in terms of cleaner fuel and energy sources. However, necessary steps are being taken in this direction and the recent setting up of the green hydrogen mobility project in Ladakh Union Territory is a step closer in the same direction.


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