Private LNG Facility Plant. India’s First.

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News: Recently Union Minister of Transport Nitin Gadkari, inaugurated India’s first private facility of Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) in Nagpur. This plant is set up by the Baidyanath Ayurvedic Group. This is one of the first in the nation. Gadkari said that such facilities will help India in its movement towards alternative fuels and bring down the import of oil eventually reducing prices of fuel. Read News Here.

About LNG in simple words:

LNG stands for Liquified Natural Gas. As the name suggests it is a natural gas that is produced from a wide range of hydrocarbons and their by-products like methane, ethane, propane, and butane, etc. These have high heating and boiling points and in the process, if certain acid elements like carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide along with dirt, H2O, etc are removed then a clean LNG is ready to be transported and used. The natural gas is heated and cooled down quickly in a non-pressurized way for easy compression and transportation. This produced Liquified Natural Gas is an odorless, colorless, non-toxic, and non-corrosive form of gas.

About Alternative Fuels.

ernative fuels
Alternative Fuels

Know in detail about alternative fuels by watching this video. link here.

Alternative fuels in simple parlance are those fuels that are used in the engine in replacement of traditional crude oil-based petroleum/diesel fuels. They are produced from sources other than petrol and can be in fact produced locally from farm-grown products.

You must be aware of biofuels. They too are a type of alternative fuel. Moreover, a mix of blended ethanol with petroleum is too a type of alternative fuel. This blended ethanol is produced from sugarcane leftover, which has become a success in Brazil and finding its foot in India. Also recently there’s a piece of news about biodiesel technology from Broiler chicken waste, which will be ready for commercial production soon.

These Biofuels or alternative fuels help in reducing a nation’s dependency on crude oil and related products. Moreover, it drastically reduces a country’s drain of Forex in purchasing these petro products. If we talk about India, we spend more than 8 lakh crores on the import of petroleum and related products, which is a huge cost for the Indian economy. This can be reduced through the use of alternative fuels like biodiesel or ethanol-based petrol.



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