U.P law panel proposes ‘two-child’ population draft bill.

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Uttar Pradesh population draft bill proposes two-child policy along with stringent measures for violators.Public suggestions are welcome till July 19, 2021.

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Uttar Pradesh Is the most populated state in the country and is ranked 4th in terms of area. The UP State law Commission on its website says that the state’s Law Commission is working for controlling, stabilizing and seeks the welfare of the population of Uttar Pradesh.’The New Draft Bill is Titled ” The Uttar Pradesh( control, Stabilisation, and welfare ) Bill 2021.

The UP govt. came with the new bill on 10th July, Saturday and says that the welcome suggestions till or before 19th July 2021. This New Bill is drafted by the Uttar Pradesh Health Dept. based on the findings of the National Family Health Survey.

When asked to the authorities why the govt thinks it’s necessary to bring such a law, they say that UP has limited resources and capacity, and the ever-increasing population is creating a burden in managing these resources.

Once this bill becomes an act ( after getting assent from the governor), there would be some serious and stringent measures for anyone who flouts the two-child policy.

Key provisions of the bill:

  • Bill called to disentitle and debar those who have more than two children from contesting in local polls.
  • They will also be prevented from applying for and getting promotion in government sector.
  • They would also be excluded from getting government subsidy.
  • The bill puts emphasis on need to control & stabilise population of state in order to promote sustainable development with more equitable distribution. The new draft bill also looks to provide welfare to the state by implementing, encouraging and promoting a two-child policy.
  • Under it, the government employees will get two additional increments during their entire service. They will also get a paternity leave of 12 months, with full salary and allowances.
  • Bill proposes to increase by 3 %. the employer’s contribution fund under national pension scheme (NPS)
  • State Population Fund will also be established to implement population control bill (pcb)
  • As per draft bill, Maternity centres will be established in every primary health centres (PHCs). PHCs, in collaboration with NGOs, will distribute contraceptive pills and family planning education to women, especially illiterate women.

Note: Population Control and Family Planning is a subject in the Concurrent List. Meaning, both, the Centre and the State Government can make laws on the subject.

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